Monday, December 3, 2007

Making Y'all Chumps Jealous.

Things I've done over the past two weeks:
-Swam in pictured waterfall in the middle of the rainforest.
-Drank rum while soaking in a natural hot tub in a mountain river.
-Aggrivated a howler monkey.
-Watched a swarm of army ants
-Moved into my new apartment
-Watched Anchorman at least 10 times
-Quoted Anchorman all the way through at least 20 times
-Held a puffed up blow fish in my hands like a spiny basketball
-Jumped off the top of a catamaran into the open sea
-Swam to Isla Capitan (2k round trip) and back twice.
-Slept in a Nicaraguan Colonial garden under a waning full moon and a swooping bat.
-Held a funeral for said swooping bat.
-Attended local Virgin Festival in seriously.
-Bought creepy looking bunny rabbit masks and raw cocoa in the Masaya market in Nicaragua.
-Talked about feelings.
-Bought a new surf board
-Saw a 600lb. tapir hanging out in the jungle.
-Drank my bloodweight in Flor de Cana.
-Ate tortillas and black beans at "the Ladies" in Santa Cruz.
-Fell in love with Costa Rica all over again.