Wednesday, February 14, 2007

So, this is the new year?

With a breath of fresh, albeit unseasonably warm air, I wash my hands of the old and dive headlong into the new. I have been thinking to myself "self, that would have made an excellent blog posting but you have in fact killed your blog. maybe you should just give it another go somewheres else?" So I am.

I'll start off with something that makes me smile...the art work of Seonna Hong.

Ah it's good to be back (as I bounce up and down on the sofa) but I can see that it will take a minute to work back into my niche.


Charles said...

welcome back, my son. you may have inspired me to start writing on mine, as well....but probably not.

zachary said...

Excellent. I aim to inspire but tend to disappoint. Get radical.