Monday, March 26, 2007

Update, Schmupdate

At this point, I'm waaaay beyond making both excuses and apologies for not posting in a while so I figured a list of things I've done over the past month or so might be in order, if for no other reason, to act as a reminder about how fun life can actually be. This is going to be entirely too long.

-I finished up my job at Aria deciding that not only was I ready to have a go at things in Costa Rica again, it's something I SHOULD do.

-Spent a weekend with Maney at the Outer Banks in the cold. Ate corned beef hash in a restaurant called Whitey's, so named decades before it was decided that Whitey's probably wasn't such a good name for a restaurant or any establishment, for that matter.

-Saw Explosions in the Sky. Had my heart gently rocked to sleep.

-Traveled to Denver to fulfill some promises long ago made.

-Decided that music may be one of the best ways to cope.

-Received an email with the headline "Heavy metal 'a comfort for the bright child'" pretty much confirming everything right in the world.

-Cooked a lot of food for a lot of new and old faces.

-Went out dancing and really loved it. Took part in a dance off which I lost despite the heaviest of efforts.

-Got a pirate heart and cross bones tattoo with Tammy. Love pirates, Yar!

-Managed to find "My New Favorite Band" every time I logged into, noting that most of them end up being Canadians.

-Took back old memories and made them my own.

-Ate Japanese, Ethiopian, Mexican, Sushi (including a live scallop), and some classic diner fare.

-Got not one but two nicknames. I now answer to Squirrel and Britches. Beef tips managed to hold strong, Maney.

-Got my hair washed and cut at Floyd's, the greatest cheap barber ever. Even got a neck massage. Ahhhhhh.

-Saw the Photo Atlas play at the Hi Dive. More dancing.

-Realized this list is getting ridiculous.

-Remembered that our lives are entirely too short to not enjoy them. We aren't as important as we think we are.

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Tammy O. said...

"Inside the song, it's weird/glue tears, and a trail of crumbs."
- Peter Gizzi