Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Highlights of a Moontan

In an effort to conserve energy here in Costa Rica, during week, the power is turned off for two to three hours every day leaving everyone to get creative with their now TV-less time. Since yesterday was a holiday (Costa Rica has a major state holiday once every three weeks or so) the power was left on all day leaving us with a double dose of outage today, the second of which came between the hours of 7 and 9, a rather difficult hour to be powerless. In an effort to pass the time, I smacked my Ipod on, wandered out of the house and down to the beach, my path lit by dappled moonlight slipping through the lethargic palms. I sat on a pile of rocks in the middle of the wide open stretch of Tamarindo sand watching a summer thunderstorm crowd in from the south over the now dimly candlelit village and as I listened to M. Ward, sporadic flashes of heat lightening, briefly lit the soundly sleeping silhouette of the mountains across the bay in Playa Grande.

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