Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My Day Off: The List

-Drove to Barra Honda National park at 6.30a
-Hiked to the top of the mountain.
-Threw basketball sized rocks into a hole 60 ft. deep.
-Climbed a tree and listened to the bees.
-Sat in a shed 1,000 feet up and looked out over the Gulf of Nicoya.
-Talked with a troupe of howler monkeys.
-Swam in my skivies at the base of a waterfall.
-Picked lemons off what may be the only lemon tree in Costa Rica.
-Drove to Avellanas.
-Surfed while I waited for my food to come at Lola's.
-Ate a pizza on the beach.
-Drank guava pureed with ice and rum.
-Surfed as the sun dipped into the sea.
-Passed out on the couch reading a western with a smile on my face and still in my clothes at 8.45p


peppersnaps said...

That sounds like just about the perfect day!

Anonymous said...

guess what? five days from now you will repeat all these good company. i cant wait to see you brother.

Anonymous said...

dad and i were discussing a trip to costa rica tonight over a big plate of chilequiles and taco salad. we miss you here, but know you're having the time of your life there.

high five a howler monkey for me!


zachary said...