Friday, October 5, 2007

Un Beso

I landed at 7.30a in the middle of the thickest fog I´d ever seen. This Argentina place was looking alot like England at this point. Passing through Imiration and Customs snap quick I was nabbed up by Sol and her family and we were off.

Took a quick nap and spent the afternoon wandering around town. As the sun was setting, we stopped to have a cup of coffee at a small cafe along the edge of one of the many parks in town.

Had Faina, an amazing pizza like thingy made of chickpea puree and then baked in the oven and then I headed up`for bed. As I passed by Sol´s father, issuing my "goodnights" he said "un beso" and lightly slapped me in the face. I went up the steps laughing my head off. Did he just pop me in the face? I was finally in Argentina.

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Cheilita said...

that sounds like battle material. so glad you made it there safe.