Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Deep DEEP South

So this is it. I'm heading out in about fifteen minute to Argentina, a new frontier for me. This photo, a bird's eye shot of Argentina, is one of the very few things I've actually seen of Buenos Aires, and I can barely see it at that. I've intentionally kept myself from looking at much information so that I can have zero expectations for my trip. This will officially be the furthest south I've ever been, although I picked up a travel book on Antarctica (I KNOW! They actually have one! Crazy huh?). That needs to be added to my list for sure. I've got a charged camera battery and a decent chance of hitting some Internet time so I"ll do my level best to write down a word or two here.

Ciao, chow, chau, or whatever it is that they say in hoity-toity places.

1 comment:

Cheilita said...

i think they yell "ADIOS!" or "BIEN!"