Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Short Wisdom in Tiny Shoes

And now my Cosby-esque "kids say the most insane things" sans Pudding Pops.

I passed by a mother who was hurrying down the side walk with two young boys in tow. She was involved in one of those conversations reserved for parents and old married couples where one party is chattering on incessantly and the other is Uh-Huh-ing all the while rolling their eyes. The younger of the two boys took a break from his chipmunk-like giggity giggiting long enough to take a deep breath and exclaim "Mom I just stepped on a crack and so that means you're dead." I thought to myself my how things've changed since I was a wee one.

It was a busy afternoon in the grocery store and I was all but scraping whole sections of shelving clean in an effort to get out alive and sanity intact (or at least semi-intact). As I came around a corner in the deli, I squeezed past a woman and here four year old daughter, who was tucked away in the cart with her little paws jammed in a bag of grapes. As I passed the girl, mouthful of grapes, pointed at my now very colorful left arm and said "Oh mama look. He's lucky. I wish I could have..." the rest of the words muted by mama's hand with a nervous giggle. With no time to chat, I laughed and looked over my shoulder as I passed saying "sorry about that, mom."

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Cheilita said...

the you're dead one is KILLER!