Sunday, April 15, 2007

Zeke the Killer

There was no doubt in my mind that I had chosen the right partner in crime when I mentioned wanting to read all of the Louis L'Amour books to Tammy. With more rugged wisdom per page than an entire Kurt Russel film, the first installment of the Sackett Series provides more than enough reasons to pack it all in and head out to start over somewhere new.

If anyone wants to join in, you're more than welcome to check out the link to the right. I'm pretty sure you won't be sorry.

"By that time, I had my pants on and was stamping into my boots. Believe me, I sure hate to face up to trouble with no pants on, and no boots." I mean seriously, can you ask for more than that? With quotes like that, who needs Hemingway?


peppersnaps said...

You never knew him, but I had a cat named Zeke, and he did a stance just like that.

Sans knife.

And bandana.

And belt.

OK, he didn't look like that at all, but he was the best. :)

Tyler said...

I'm a little sucked in to Louis now after all the time he and I had together... and a little intimidated by the scowl and the knife. I'll be reading, don't worry.